Boom and Bust in Puerto Rico


In Boom and Bust in Puerto Rico the author, A.W. Maldonado takes us by the hand through the political and economic history of the Island, detailing events from our beginnings to the insolvency of Puerto Rico in 2015.

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by A. W. Maldonado

In Boom and Bust in Puerto Rico the author, A.W. Maldonado takes us by the hand through the political and economic history of the Island in detail, detailing events from our beginnings to Puerto Rico's insolvency in 2015. He identifies the government's Operation Hands to Work initiative (also known as "Operación Manos a la Obra" ) and the eventual adoption of Section 936 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as the scaffolding that supported Puerto Rico's economic infrastructure, while analyzing the most problematic qualities of these programs that ultimately led to their dissolution. The author tells us how a series of unfortunate political and economic events and decisions culminated in what is considered the largest governmental economic debacle in the history of the United States. Ultimately, he shows us that, in addition to mismanagement and the suffocating influence of Puerto Rican partisan politics, one of the main reasons we find ourselves in this position is the refusal of the U.S. government to take concrete actions that would truly benefit Puerto Ricans...people...and its insistence on keeping us in limbo for over 100 years.


A. W. Maldonado is a retired journalist who spent more than fifty years covering Puerto Rico's politics and economy as a reporter and columnist for the San Juan Star and editor of El Mundo and El Reportero. He is the author of several books, including Teodoro Moscoso and Puerto Rico's Operation Bootstrap and Luis Muñoz Marín: Puerto Rico's Democratic Revolution.

About The Book

"Boom and Bust in Puerto Rico offers a fascinating account of how a misunderstanding of the meaning of self-determination is at the heart of Puerto Rico's economic and political history."
-Heidie Calero, president of H. Calero Consulting Group, Inc.

"Rise and Fall in Puerto Rico is an extremely important and comprehensive addition to the history, politics and economics of the unique relationship between the governments of the United States and the island Commonwealth of Puerto Rico."
-Peter Holmes, former CEO of the Puerto Rico-U.S. Foundation

"A. W. Maldonado gives a sharp and engaging assessment of the political and economic trials Puerto Rico has faced in its twelve-decade relationship with the United States, paying particular attention to the ways in which the political culture within the Commonwealth has affected the outcomes. . This book should be high on the agenda of those interested in Puerto Rico's future, as well as those interested in the future of many non-sovereign nations today struggling with larger political entities to accommodate their national identity, fiscal autonomy, and development goals through nontraditional democratic and mutually convenient frameworks."
-Antonio García Padilla, dean emeritus of the University of Puerto Rico School of Law

"While one can agree or disagree with Maldonado's interpretation of the rise and fall of the Puerto Rican economy, he has lived through most of the period, knows most of the key players, and has a solid grasp of the causes. In fact, he has written a compelling history, full of information about the key players."
-Global Americans

"Clearly and thoroughly written, this book explores a fundamental problem in the century-old relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States: how to synchronize the world's most advanced economy with one of the smallest and most depressed."
-El Nuevo Día


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