El Tren Urbano: The Train of the Rich

By: José E. Fernández-Bjerg


Now an additional extension of the train in San Juan is being considered that could cost, taking into account inflation, between $12 and $15 billion and would benefit only the wealthy in the metropolitan area. On an island where poverty/child poverty levels are almost 3 times higher than those in the United States, the last thing we need is another pharaonic project that only benefits the most privileged.


What could be achieved with that money if it were distributed to all the towns of Puerto Rico?


If the money earmarked for this expansion were shared equally among the 78 municipalities, each would receive approximately $150 million.


This money could well be a stimulus for infrastructure improvements. infrastructure. For example, repair of over 500 bridges that are in terrible conditions across the island, 1.2 billion for the rescue of the University of Puerto Rico, investment in health care, investment in education, affordable housing and a number of other needs to help eradicate poverty/poverty.The Puerto Rican government should invest in health care, education, affordable housing, and a host of other needs to help eradicate poverty/child poverty.


The construction of the Urban Train has not only been a bad investment, but it has also ignored the majority of Puerto Rico residents who live outside the metropolitan area.. This imbalance in public investment underscores an alarming alarming separation between the real needs of the citizens and the decisions of those in government.

The development of Puerto Rico cannot be a way to benefit only a few. All Puerto Ricans deserve dignified access and adequate social mobility to develop. Our main objective at this time must be to aspire to have a better country and to lower the percentages of poverty/child poverty.


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