WHAT IS The Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation?

Fundación Pobreza/ Pobreza Infantil is a non-profit organization whose main mission is the eventual elimination of poverty and, particularly, child poverty on our Island.

What is the main goal of the Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation?

Obtaining equal rights for Puerto Ricans, especially in terms of federal aid programs. Just as they are granted to our fellow Americans. We do this by raising awareness of the injustices suffered for decades and by legally claiming what is rightfully ours. The Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation's main objective is to make an important difference in eliminating these inequalities and social ills associated with poverty, in order to achieve a more just, developed, equitable and happy Puerto Rico.

What does the Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation do to meet its goals?

Fundación Pobreza/ Pobreza Infantil channels its efforts in different ways. One of them is the achievement of this longed-for parity of rights and quality of life for Puerto Ricans, through legal actions in the federal forum. Since this is a complex and long-term process, we complement these efforts with local activities that support other institutions with similar goals. Among these efforts we can mention both financial aid and donations, as well as educational activities that contribute to raising awareness about poverty and the ways in which we can eliminate it.

How can The Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation impact Puerto Rican communities?

We can impact them directly with economic aid, to the extent of our possibilities, and also by collaborating in the human aspect to cover the particular needs that each community may have. Our help can translate, for example, into support for just claims or practical solutions for basic needs such as food, water, or others that may arise in times of crisis due to the impact of natural phenomena such as hurricanes. As we have said, our efforts to educate, whether through our website and social media, also play an important role in our initiatives.

Does the Poverty/Child Poverty Foundation have a political motive?

No. We are a non-profit corporation, not affiliated with any political party, ideal or candidate. Our sole purpose is to combat economic disparities in Puerto Rico, regardless of which party the other entities we support belong to, or the people and communities we help.

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